Aleandro Tubaldi was born in Recanati, Italy in 1985. He majored in literature University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Then he moved to London where he studied cinema at the London Film Academy. In 2009 he moved to Brazil where he devotes to his passions: film-making, photography and caipirinha. Between 2010 and 2012 he made  two features documentaries: Chi Animale?, about countryside life in the center of Italy, and The Wide Door (2012) , filmed in a Brazilian female detention center and selected for the 36a Mostra Internacional de Cinema de Sao Paulo. In Brazil he also made several short-films, like Christine (2009), Iguaçu (2010) and Notes on a Night of Samba (2011). From 2012 he devotes more to photography. In 2014 Aleandro moved to Tunis, where he lives and works. From 2015 he’s been developing photographic projects about the cities of Bangkok and Tunis.

Due bambini e quattro piedi